Custom Development

What Customers are Saying

“With the help of DesignMasters we’ve successfully created customer favorites, Statue of Liberty replicas and miniatures.

DesignMasters understands the buyer’s vision and keeps true to the customers’ needs by creating exquisite and affordable merchandise."

Jose Sepulveda, Director of Retail
Statue of Liberty Museum Store
Evelyn Hill Inc.

We sell your story

At DesignMasters our goal is to help our customers achieve what they aren't able to anywhere else. Creating unique custom gifts isn't just the foundation of our company; it's our entire purpose. We work hand in hand with your organization to design & develop product that speaks to your customers as well as to your mission.

Our experience in creating great products comes from over 25 years of helping companies just like yours to realize the perfect blend of design, craftsmanship and value. From iconic, branded packaging to detailed educational text to special programs that help you better sell your products, DesignMasters' approach is as unique as it is successful.


We design and produce products in a wide range of media, including: polystone, metals, blown glass, porcelain, wood, and plastic

We design and produce products in a wide range of media, including: polystone, metals, blown glass, porcelain, wood, and plastic

It all starts with an idea

Every product that we make and every item that you sell starts out as an idea - a fusion between your needs and DesignMaster's creative vision.

Taking an idea and bringing it to life is a process that we have refined through hundreds of projects just like yours:

  1. First, we begin with a conversation between you and a member of our sales team to determine how we can make your idea a reality. Aren't sure how DesignMasters can help you? That's fine too. Sales can work with your organization and our top design team to brainstorm ideas that are waiting to be discovered. We often are approached by people who love what we do but who need some extra help creating that perfect idea. Collaboration with our customers is a key part of what makes DesignMasters special.

  2. Next, our designers create a concept, developing the initial idea further into something that can be loosely rendered. You'll compare this artistic rendering with your own view of what the product should look like.

  3. With the concept approved your design lead will work to flesh it out, focusing on details and creating production artwork that captures the essence of what the final product will be. The product itself isn't all we'll be creating though. DesignMasters knows that no matter how great a product may be, the packaging and presentation also help to sell it.

  4. The completed design and all technical art now makes its way to one of our specialized vendors to begin sampling. We go to great lengths to work with manufacturers worldwide and domestically who can produce your gift products with both the highest quality and least cost possible. DesignMasters will source your product, guide the manufacturing and present you with a completed sample that will allow you to see your idea fully realized before we begin production.

  5. Once your production sample has been finalized and approved your order begins full production, but it won't be ready quite yet. Before your item ships it goes through one last round of quality control, with a comparison between your approved sample and the final production run. Once we're satisfied that these match your order leaves our warehouse bound for your store.

Developing custom products is a great way to augment your existing merchandise and attract higher sales revenue while inspiring customer loyalty. For many, though, the process can be daunting. Let us help.

Contact Us for more information or to speak with one of DesignMasters' Sales Executives call 800-322-7583.