Detailed Craftsmanship

A Hands on Approach to Quality

DesignMasters provides the highest quality and most well-crafted giftware in our industry. Taking a hands-on approach to quality has always been at the heart of how we operate.

People who buy our products expect a level of excellence that sets their purchase apart from the ordinary. They expect well made merchandise. They expect craftsmanship. That’s why every item that DesignMasters creates is subjected to the same quality control standards, regardless of who is ordering or who may be receiving the product. Whether the customer is a small gift shop with just one of our items or a large account that sells hundreds, our focus on providing quality and value never waivers.

What Customers are Saying

“It would cost a museum a small fortune to duplicate the design talent DesignMasters brings to every project. Their innovation, product quality, and packaging are simply outstanding."

Julia Mosley, Director of Retail
Mount Vernon

Each item we make goes through rigorous sampling prior to being manufactured. When the manufacturing is complete it then must pass a quality control and inspection process that ensures that the finished product matches your approved sample and your expectations.

Detail in Everything We Do

Quality is not just about how well something is made. It also is embodied by attention to detail. DesignMasters has made historically accurate merchandise and reproductions for museums and destinations around the world. Our commitment to detail begins early in our creative process and continues until the final order is shipped.

We start with research for every product we make, trying to capture the essence of what makes that subject or location unique. We refine our research by working with the customer to ensure that we have captured important details and stayed true to the history and nature of the item. Every step in the design and manufacturing of a product is equally meticulous. We bring the same dedication to the delivery of your merchandise as we do to the creation of it.

If quality and value are important to you contact us to learn more about how we can help you to sell your story.