Packaging and Branding

Packaging an Identity

In today’s marketplace having a clear identity is as integral to a successful business as having a robust group of customers. Consistent branding of that identity not only helps to increase customer loyalty but also adds to the perceived value of the products that you sell. No one in the giftware industry understands this better than DesignMasters.

We are often asked by customers to create for them a body of work, items that can be sold alongside one another that reinforce that customer’s look, location and purpose. Whether we’re creating twenty items for a customer or just one, our experience has shown that well packaged products sell better.

One example of this philosophy was our work with The National Museum of the Marine Corps. When creating the branded packaging for the museum and its Marine Corps Heritage Foundation DesignMasters considered several factors to meet the needs of the customer while strengthening the appeal of their products.

Thinking Inside the Box

“Initially we were faced with a limit of using just three colors for the packaging because of cost considerations”, explains design lead Keith Lewis. “We opted for a color set based upon the customer’s logo and heavily influenced by standard Marine dress uniforms. We felt red was the strongest of these colors visually and that it would help draw attention to the packaging and what it contained. Yellow is used as an accent on the Marine Corps uniforms and it made a great accent for our packaging as well.”

What Customers are Saying

"The quality time that DesignMasters spent in researching our museum resulted in exquisitely detailed product that is unparalleled."

Andy Pineau, Retail Director
National Museum of the Marine Corps

“We didn’t want to copy the uniform entirely, though. When it came time to choose a color to highlight the product we opted for black instead of the darker navy blue. Black was more versatile in creating packaging to fit multiple form factors, from barcode stickers and hang tags to set up boxes and folding cartons. The black field really contrasted with and showcased the lighter product well. The overall design was intended to feel like the Marine Corps - strong, precise and direct.”

Packaging that reinforces the iconic nature of your site also helps to create a lasting impression. The acetate packaging DesignMasters developed for the Iwo Jima memorial sculpture utilized angular lines to highlight the contents and to spur an immediate recognition of what the product was. Here, the emphasis was on creating something smart, with a sophisticated look and visual appeal that would draw the retail customer in.

Whether you need product for a large institution or a smaller destination DesignMasters can help you to build a cohesive look that your visitors will remember long after their visit.